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National Storytelling Network and International Storytelling Network. NSN is a member driven organization that offers direct services, publications and educational opportunities to several thousand individuals, local storytelling guilds and associations to enhance storytelling at all levels. It sponsors the National Storytelling Conference; StoryNet, the NSN website, a magazine, a storytelling directory, and the annual Tellabration. ISC is focused on the advocacy of storytelling as an art form that brings positive change in all areas of human endeavor. ISC is building the National Storytelling Center, a center dedicated to conserving the history of storytelling, hosting a resource center and performance facility. NSN also has a grants program to fund storytelling projects. National Storytelling Network, 1-800-525-4514; 423-913-8201; nsn@storynet.orgor InternationalStorytellingCenter; 1-800-952-8392; 423-753-2171; Healing Arts Special Interest Group of the National Storytelling Network is an organization of storytellers, therapists, health care professionals, clergy, community organizers, educators and youth workers who value the use of storytelling as a healing art. 1-800-525-4514 or 101 Courthouse Square, Jonesborough, TN 37659.

Story Circle Network. An organization of women who want to explore their lives and souls by exploring their personal stories. Many resources, including lifestory briefs, journals, interviews, reading resource sand more.

The Storycorps. An amazing site that tells the story of and showcases stories of people all over the country who interview family, friends and neighbors in either a mobile story booth, or at Grand Central Station in NYC. The site includes information about job openings, volunteer opportunities, how to record your own story or interview another (including an interviewing kit) and of course amazing stories to hear! This organization is based on the 1930s WPA project.

Wake Up to Dying Project: An awareness and action campaign that encourages people to think and to talk about dying. We do this by gathering and sharing stories about death, dying, and life. We also do this through art and hands-on opportunities to explore these important subjects.


Bandaidesand Blackboards. This is a site about growing up with medical problems …any ole type. Its goal is to help people understand what it’s like, from the perspective of the children and teens who are doing just that.

Real Stories. The common theme in all the stories is that multi-disciplinary, community based primary health care delivery makes a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

The Acorn Naturalists. The Acorn Naturalists make available environmental and educational literature, including books of interest to storytellers.

Aharon’sMile Chai. Jewish books of special interest to storytellers concerned with mutli-cultural stories.

August House Publishing. “…the main publisher of storytelling guides and folk-tale anthologies.” has books from all over Americaand Europein both audio and text form.

cafebooks. Information on books, educational materials, and ebooks, and articles about books.

Eye in the Ear.Eye in the Ear children’s audio books feature classic stories retold vividly to stir the imagination.

Fulcrum Publishing. Books from the West…Books for the World.

Fun Felt. Fun Felt for Kids – The Story Teller Imaginatively printed felt boards, felt books, felt masks and puppets for storytelling with children.

WordsWorthBooks. The home page for WordsWorth Books contains millions of books to choose from and search capabilities, events listings, articles, and book lists.

Yellow Moon Press. This site features the titles published by Yellow Moon Press.

Children’s Literature Web Guide. The Children’s Literature Web Guide contains dozens of links to resources for writers, storytellers, teachers, and parents, as well as lists of award-winning books, and recommended books.

Kid’s Storytelling Club. The Kid’s Storytelling Club has information for kids (and teachers) on how to compose, illustrate, and present a story using an overhead projector.

Kinderstart. Valuable resource for dealing with children.

The Moonlit Road. The Moonlit Road is a storytelling journey down the dark and mysterious back roads of the American South.


Dancing Pony. Stories for all ages, including articles for teachers about weaving story telling into classroom work.

Folk Tales. Collection of folk tales

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology

Stories for Seasons.Seasonal nature stories together with an extensive bibliography.

Story Bag. Folktales using puppets, magic and story theater. Jewish, African, Earth Friendly, Character Education folktales

Australian Storytelling. The Web page of Australian storytelling features Australian storytellers, stories, guilds, events, and links.

California Indian Storytelling Association.

Celtic Folklore – original Celtic Folklore, Legends and Lore.

Family Folklore Discovery.

Folktales from Many Lands, Collected by Peace Corps Volunteers.

Jaliyaa Storytelling. Site examines the ancient West African Bardic tradition known as Jaliyaa.

Kashmiri Folktales.

Korean Folktales. This home page showcases many Korean folk tales as well as information about Korean culture.

Nature Story. Learn nature stories from around the world at this innovative website. The site also includes a calendar of Minnesota story events and workshops.

Old Japanese Tales. Enjoy Japanese old tales in many languages.

Story Socks. Dale Pepin, a retired Northern Ontario teacher, carries his story box back into the classrooms to present literature using the oral tradition.

Wisdom and Spiritual Tales. Offers a wisdom story every other month from various spiritual and cultural traditions, an article about using wisdom tales on the spiritual path, a bibliography and a humorous column.

World Mythology. Minneapolis Institute of Art World Mythology.

Storytelling as a Healing Art. Storytelling as a Healing Art offers experiential training in storymaking and storytelling as a creative and transformative process.

Arts and Healing Network. An international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art.

Children’s Literature Web Guide. The Children’s Literature Web Guide offers dozens of links to resources for writers, storytellers, teachers, and parents and has lists of book award winners, recommended books, and bestsellers.

Corporate Storyteller. The site includes information on the trademarked Corporate Storytelling system, how it works, and how it has helped my clients.

Folklore, Myth and Legend. Part of the Children’s Literature Web Guide, this page of links to folklore, myths, and legends is particularly useful.

Group Process Consulting. Group Process Consulting offers short, intense, emotionally anchored experiences in the form of speeches, workshops and group interventions that develop skills.

Hybrid Studios. Community and Free Directory for the creative/performance world. Gallery, Library, Jukebox, News, Forums and more.

Myth Maker. Web Site of the IWWPC (International Women’s Wild Priestess Consortium) Contains original versions of myths, legends and fairy tales.

Positive Solutions through Stories and Tours. DISCOVER JONESBOROUGH’S TIMES AND TALES Stroll down brick sidewalks and enjoy a look inside Jonesborough’ s beautiful historic homes and buildings.

The Children’s Literature Web Guide. This site, compiled by David Brown of The Children’s Literature Web Guide, is a collection of links useful to storytellers.

Stagebridge. Stagebridge, a California-based arts organization that uses theater and storytelling to bridge the generation gap and to stimulate positive attitudes toward aging.

Story Fete. This site contains lesson plans for teachers based on a program sponsored by the Louisiana Division of the Arts.


Storytelling Arts, Inc. Storytelling Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation which offers workshops and institutes for teachers and long-term programming for low-income and special needs children in New Jersey.

Storytelling Diary. The storytelling diary for the UK. Events calendar for the UK.

StoryXchange. New website which unites Story Tellers (from screenwriters to true stories to authors) with Story Buyers (publishers, producers, etc.) on an electronic marketplace.

Tellabration! This site is the internet home of Tellabration! “Come! Be a part of a worldwide storytelling event! as a listener…as a teller…as a producer…TELLABRATION! all over the world each November on the Saturday before Thanksgiving!”

The Story Connection.

Handbook for Storytellers.

Stories from the Heart of the World. Event Schedule posts “MI Story”: Michigan’s monthly calendar of public storytelling events. This site offers such features as Story of the Week and the Village Post, where people can contribute thoughts and writings, the ability to search for storytellers and events, plus games, articles, and free Web pages.

Storytelling FAQ. Share new and old stories, tips on storytelling, and information on classes and organizations with other storytellers and those interested in storytelling.

Ring of Folklore and Urban Legends. The Ring of Folklore and Urban Legends, with links to sites featuring riddles, stories, and songs that are a part of folklore, as well as information on how to join the ring.

Storytell Listserv.

Storytelling Ring. This home page contains numerous links to pages of interest to storytellers and anyone interested in storytelling

School of Sacred Storytelling. The Website of Bob and Kelly Wilhelm and the School of Sacred Storytelling includes events, school, organization, publications, and ordering information.

The Very not ordinary Storytime. An audio/video site – you will hear 13 stories and see one video. Some are for children and all are for adults. These stories are on a hospital radio network of 300 stations from Ireland to Australia. This site offers such features as Story of the Week and the Village Post, where people can contribute thoughts and writings, the ability to search for storytellers and events, plus games, articles, and free Web pages.

StoryCon. StoryCon; World’s First Conference on the Art, Science and Application of Story brings together over 35 leaders from a diversity of fields.

Training Options. Training Options offers workshops for organizations worldwide, on how to use stories, metaphor, visualization in business, to address such issues as: Managing Change, Leadership, Teamworking, Presentation skills, Training and Coaching skills.

Australian Storytelling. Australian Storytelling showcases Australian storytellers, stories, guilds, events, and links.

German Storytelling Activities. Listing of storytelling activities in Germany. English introduction available.

Stories & Resources. Resources and links for the storyteller a very easy to read style through out with some great links etc.

Fox Tales International. Fox Tales website contains more than 100 lesson plans that use storytelling and poetry to teach history and ecology.

World of Tales: Many tales through one site, including stories for children, fables, folktales and more.

Youth Home of Voices Across America Youth Storytelling and Voices of Illusion Storytelling Troupe.

Youth Tellabration! Website for Youth Tellabration.
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