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Academy of American Poets: An extensive listing of poets throughout the country, complete with writing samples, awards, publications and links.

Amherst Writers and Artists Institute: Amherst Writers & Artists, founded by writer Pat Schneider in 1981, offers creative writing workshops and retreats for both established and beginning writers in affiliated workshops across the around the world. Amherst Writers and Artists Press publishes a national literary journal, Peregrine, and has released over 20 books. Amherst Writers and Artists Institute is an outreach program for low-income and underserved populations.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop: Premier website for creating, publishing, developing and disseminating writing from Asian Americans.

Best Poem: A poetry journal

Bowery Poetry Club: Poetry on the streets, especially spoken word performance, plus information on writers, an artwall, magazine, etc.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg: Blog offers “Write From Your Life” columns and podcasts, and Brave Voice offers writing and singing workshops, retreats and performances with singer Kelley Hunt. 150Kansaspoems offers 150 poems about place during 2011.

Center for Autobiographical Studies: Workshops, retreats, resources, inspiration and a newsletter from author of The New Diary Tristine Rainer.

Center for Journal Therapy: The Center for Journal Therapy’s is to make the healing art of journal writing accessible to all who desire self-directed change. The site offers books, workshops, consultations, audiotapes, papers, an annual training intensive, journal and poetry therapy certification training, and other resources primarily with Kathleen Adams, author of Journal to the Self.

Che Arrajj: Ché Arrajj is an exceptional artist, photographer, poet, and entertainer from the Lawrence, Massachusetts area. Ché Arrajj has also contributed art, photography and services to socially and ecologically aware organizations, such as the Green Party, Democracy Rising, and the Lawrence Grassroots Initiative. Check out these groups work and get involved!

The Diary Door: Dairy writing workshops for parents with Kelly DuMar.

Each One Reach: Excellent organization in the San Francisco Bay area on arts-based programs (especially writing) for at-risk youth.  Mentoring, workshops, support and resources.

Inkwings: Expressive writing for strength, growth and healing with Linda Lanza.

International Association of Journal Writing:We’re here to help you write, write in your own voice, and write more deeply. We’ll help you stick with your journal writing. Once you are a member you’ll find that you are learning ways to keep your journal writing fresh and your momentum high.  In short, we’ll help you juice up your journaling!

From the Journals of Ian Thal: Experiences of and relections by Massachusetts-based poet, mime, actor and performance artist, Ian Thal.

John O’Donohue: As a speaker John’s poetic gift is being increasingly recognized by the Corporate World of Work where he speaks to themes such as: Leadership: The Awakening of Creativity; Without Vision, The Work-Place Works Against Itself; The Gift of Encouragement in Times of Anxiety; The Art of Change: Finding the Courage for New Horizons; Coaching: The Art of Awakening Real Presence; The Intense Threshold: Holding Personal Integrity Within the System.

Jump Write In: Workshops, consultations, quotes and links on poetry therapy and journal therapy by Deborah Thornley, CPT (TLA student).

Keeping a Diary Makes You Happier: Article in the Guardian (UK)

Keepsake Biographical Services: Ideas, inspirations and services for preserving family stories through oral histories, biographies, cookbooks, digital albums and other means with Jeanne Chambers, MA-TLA.

Laguna Writers: Workshops, consultations and resources.

Letters from the Heart Project: This website is primarily about how writing letters to family members, from the heart, can bring about greater connection and healing.

Melissa White: Artful Writing: Melissa J. White is an award-winning writer and designer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her narrative non-fiction essays, interviews, poetry and short fiction have been published in Whole Earth Review, THE Magazine, Indian Artist Magazine, the Santa Fe Reporter, Crosswinds, Fish Drum and Noctiluca—an English language magazine from Japan—among others. Her book DIZZY SUSHI, based on a year teaching English conversation in Japan, won a Recursos de Santa Fe Discovery prize.

Mythic Lives: Workshops, retreats, consulting and even a mythic lives roadmap with Carolyn Miller, MA-TLA. http://www.mythiclives.coms/

National Public Radio First Person Essays: Information on how to submit your own commentaries on NPR.

Owl’s Nest: Opportunity for women working with the arts (including writing and poetry)  to engage community.

Poetic Living: Writing, hypnosis and spiritual and emotional growth with Gillian Gordon, MA-TLA,

Poets and Writers: Magazine, articles, links, grants, directories of writers and more.

Poetic Medicine: Workshops, books, writing prompts and more with John Fox.

Poetry Practice: Workshops, consultations, poems and writing prompts by Jean Bass, CPT.

Renaissance Muse: Coaching, workshops, retreats, inspiration and more on establishing a transformative language arts practice with Yvette Hyater-Adams, MA-TLA.

Split This Rock: Writing and social change conference.

Story Circle Network: An organization of women who want to explore their lives and souls by exploring their personal stories. Many resources, including lifestory briefs, journals, interviews, reading resource sand more.

Transformative Language Arts Concentration at Goddard College: The only TLA MA program is a low-residency concentration, part of Goddard College’s Individualized MA program.  TLA students in this 48-hour (four semester) program work from their home communities to further develop themselves as writers, storytellers, performers, etc. as well to establish community work based in TLA.  Graduates work as performers, workshop facilitators, activists, educators, writers, and community leaders.

Transformative Language Arts Network: The TLA Network a gathering place, a healing ground, a place of greater vision and wider perspective that supports individuals and organizations in promoting all forms of the spoken, written and sung word as a tool for personal and community transformation. TLAN organizes the annual Power of Words conference, published The Power of Words: A Transformative Language Arts Reader, offer memberships, a web-zine, and other benefits, including many resources on right livelihood.

This American Life: Information on the fabulous NPR radio show, and also on how to submit your own work (see left-hand column, “Submitting Work”).

Walking Poetry Project: Walking and writing project to raise awareness of teen suicide by Iris Angle.

Wellspring Writers:Workshops for men & women living with cancer, California and International writing retreats, publications, writing prompts and inspiration with Sharon Bray, Ed.D.

Women Writing for Change: Empowering individuals and celebrating voices through the art of writing and the creation of community.

Write for Your Life: Practical advice for writers

Write from the Center:Suzanne Adams, founder of Write to the Center, as well as “It’s All About You” workshops for girls offered through Artreach, and author of “Transforming the Stories of Adolescent Girls,” treasurer of TLA Network, Houston, Texas

Write to Be:  Training and consultation with Denise M. Anderson.

Writers of Color: Writing on Reality and Dreams (WORD) was established to cultivate Writers of Color and Culture (including African American, Native American, Latino, Black, and Asian writers) and to provide support and networking opportunities for writers, editors, screenwriters, spoken word artists and other creative wordsmiths in realizing their personal goals and dreams. WORD was also established to empower minds through literacy and to host forums and events that will showcase the work of artists.

Writing the Prayer of Your Life: Body centered, spirit based writing workshops, retreats, and private consultations with Debora Seidman, MFA.

Writing Ourselves Whole: Workshops, writing groups and consultations with Jennifer Cross, MA-TLA.

Writing the Whirlwind offers classes and individualized transformational coaching for writers by Jill Jepson, Ph.D., writing teacher, coach, and author of Writing as a Sacred Path.

Writing Retreats at Patchwork Farm: Writing, yoga and more.

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Kay Adams, Mightier Than The Sword: The Journal As A Path To Men’sSelf-Discovery.

The Write Way To Wellness

– Journal To The Self

The Way of the Journal

Susan Wittig Albert, Writing from Life.

Art.Rage.Us.: Art and Writing by Women with Breast Cancer, introduction by Jill Eikenberry, epilogue by Terry Tempest Williams

Christina Baldwin, One to One: Self-Understanding through Journal Writing,

Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as Spiritual Quest.

Carolyn Benson and Sara Weinberger, eds., Voices from Inside: Writing with Women in Prison.

Mike Bernhardt, ed., Voices of the Grieving Heart.

S.L. Bertman, Grief and the Healing Arts.

D. Birch, Awaken the Writer Within.

J.E. Birren and D. E. Deutchman, Guiding Autobiographical Groups for Older Adults: Exploring the Fabric of Life.

Ginny Bolton, The Therapeutic Potential of Creative Writing: Writing Myself.

– Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development.

– Writing Cures: Creative Writing, On-Line Writing and Therapy – An Introductory Handbook.

Irene Borger, Ed., From A Burning House: The AIDS Project Los AngelesWriters Workshop Collection.

Joan Bolker, Ed. The Writer’s Home Companion.

Carol Bly, The Passionate, Accurate Story: Making Your Heart’s Truth Into Literature.

– Beyond the Writers Workshop: New Ways to Write Creative Nonfiction.

Ray Bradbury, Zen and the Art of Writing.

Sharon Bray, A Healing Journey: Writing Through Breast Cancer.

— When Words Healing: Writing Through Cancer

J. Broadhead and L. Kerr, Prison Writing: A Collection of Fact, Fiction and Verse.

S. Cassedy, In Your Own Words: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing.

L.K. Campbell, Journey into Motherhood: Writing Your Way to Self-Discovery.

Lucia Capacchione, The Creative Journal

– Living with Feeling: The Art of Emotional Expression.

Laura Cerwinske, Writing As A Healing Art.

G. Collins-Ranadive, Finding the Voice Inside: Writing as a Spiritual Quest for Women.

B.G. Chevigny, Doing Time: 25 Yeas of Prison Writing.

Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk and Bill T. Jones, Art Performs Life.

S. M. Deats and L.T. Lenker, Youth Suicide Prevention: Lessons from Literature.

Allison Hawthorne Deming.  Writing the Sacred Into the Real.

Annie Dilliard, The Writing Life.

Kathryn Dunn and Daphne Slocombe, eds., The Other Side of Silence: The Passion and Practice of Writing Workshops with Special Populations.

Peter Elbow, Everyong Can Write: Essays Toward a Hopeful Theory of Writing and Teaching Writing.

– Writing with Power.

– Writing Without Teachers.

A. Erickson, Arc of the Arrow: Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography.

Bonnie Friedman, Writing Past Dark: Envy, Fear, Distraction and Other Dilemmas in the Writer’s Life.

Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice.

Alex Gray, The Mission of Art.

Susan Griffin, Women and Nature.

Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down The Bones.

– Wild Mind

S. Grewel, Charting the Journey: Writings by Black and Third WorldWomen.

Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson, “The Use of Poetry in Identifying and Coping with the Emotional Task of Moving,” Journal of Poetry Therapy, v. 9, n. 1, 1995

John Poole-Graham, Illness & the Art of Creative Self-Expression: Stories & Exercises From the Arts for Those with Chronic Illness

Erin Gruwell, Ed.  The Freedom Writer’s Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change the World Around them.

GeniaPauli Haddon, Body Metaphors.

Kendall Haven, Write Right! Creative Writing Using Storytelling Techniques

Margaret Hatcher, Centering Through Writing: Right Brain/Left Brain Techniques Applied to Writing.

Carolyn Heilbrun, Writing a Woman’s Life.

J. Huggett, Prayer Journal.

Elaine Farris Hughes, Writing from the Inner Self.

Molly Harrower, The Therapy of Poetry.

John Harvey, Embracing Their Memory: Loss and the Social Psychology of Story Telling.

bell hooks, Remembered Rapture: The Writer at Work.

— Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life.

Michael Howard, Art as Spiritual Activity

Mary Willette Hughes, Flight on New Wings

Barry Jacob,Art, Culture, and the Semiotics of Meaning: Culture’s Changing Signs of Life in Poetry, Drama, Painting, and Sculpture

M. Jacob, Mastectomy Write-Out: Anatomy of Loss.

N. Jackowska, Write for Life.

Maxine Borowky Junge, Creative Realities: The Search for Meaning.

G. Jacobsen, Write Grief: How to Transform Loss with Writing.

Charley Kempthorne, For All Time: A Complete Guide To Writing Your Family History.

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

Kenneth Koch, I Never Told Nobody: Teaching Poetry Writing in a Nursing Home.

– Rose, Where Did You Get that Red?

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John Lee, Writing from the Body

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George Ella Lyon, Where I’m From, Where Poems Come From.

Ken Macrorie, Telling Writing.

Many Voices: Words of Hope for People Recovering From Trauma and Dissociationis a newsletter featuring the writing of people in such recovery.

J. Mapanj, Gathering Seaweed: African Prison Writing

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Susan McWha, Voices of (dis)Ability.

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Poets and Writers(periodical).

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— Your Life as Story

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The Writing Cure: How Expressive Writing Promotes Health and Emotional Well-Beingedited by Stephen J. Lepore and Joshua M. Smyth.

Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College

Transformative Language Arts Network, a not-for-profit professional organization, which also organized the annual Power of Words Conference