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American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama was founded in 1947, and publishes The Journal of Group Psychotherapy as well as holds annual conferences. The purpose of the society include fostering the national and international cooperation of those concerned with the Training is offered throughout the country at various institutions. It is the pioneer membership organization in group psychotherapy and continues to be a source and inspiration for ongoing developments in group psychotherapy, psychodrama, and sociometry. http://www.asgpp.org/

LamamaTheater: Experimental theater troupe focused on spoken word and social change. http://www.lamama.org/

Mixed Blood Theater Company: Social change and cultural pluralism focused theater group at http://www.mixedblood.com/

The National Association for Drama Therapy:  Founded in 1979, NADT is the systematic and intentional use of drama/theatre processes and products to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth. Drama therapists are trained in theatre arts, psychology, psychotherapy and drama therapy. Areas of study include improvisation, puppetry, role-playing, mask work, pantomime, theatrical production, psychodrama, developmental psychology, theories of personality, and group process. All students of drama therapy must complete supervised clinical internships with a broad range of populations. http://www.nadt.org/

Nuyorican Poet’s Café: One of the best sites for information on poetry and slams, theater, hiphop and more related to the spoken word. http://www.nuyorican.org/

Playback Theatre (International Playback Theater Network): International Playback Theatre Network, provides connection and information for Playback practitioners on five continents Playback Theatre is used in educational, therapeutic, social change, and arts settings, either as performance, with a company of trained actors and a defined audience; or as a group event led by an individual, in which participants become actors as well as tellers for each other. Playback Theatre companies now exist in many localities, usually calling themselves after their town, such as Melbourne Playback Theatre, or Köln Playback Theatre. Playback companies now exist on five continents. http://www.playbacknet.org/

Playback School: Classes, workshops and many resources offered through this comprehensive site.www.playbackschool.org

Theater of Memory/Bread and Puppet Theater: Site for long-term theater troupe focused on social change, puppetry, installation art and more. http://www.theaterofmemory.com/

Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory: Based on the work of Augusto Boal, Theater of the Oppressed provides a forum for the practice, performance and dissemination of theater as an organizing tool for activists in neighborhood, labor, peace, human rights, youth and community-based organizations. http://www.toplab.org/

Theatre for Development world: A British group that does excellent global and local theater. http://homepeages.enterprise.net/smallworld


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