Welcome to the TLA Resources Site!

TLA Weblinks and Bibliography

This is an evolving list of resources some practitioners of TLA have found especially useful. Please look into this and also beyond this for what texts, films, plays, installations, showings, etc. inform your particular focus and give you a wider view of your study. Think of this bibliography as a smorgasbord – choose what fits you and your studies the best, and also remember that this is only a partial list of what’s out there.

Please note that this list is organized first by an alphabetical list of websites, and then by a bibliography, divided alphabetically into the categories listed below. To send new links and sources, please contact Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg at Caryn.MirriamGoldberg@goddard.edu.

To learn more about TLA, please visit Goddard College, and its Transformative Language Arts concentration, which is part of the Individualized MA Program. Also check out the TLA Network, a not-for-profit professional organization.

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